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Welcome to Seven11!

Welcome to Seven11’s about us page! This is the best place to find two Christian lifestyle bloggers who discuss popular topics for today’s Christian. What makes us different? We combine fine art photography with Christian messages to immerse you in each article. Join us on our journey of combining faith and art! Check out all that we do to help spread Christ’s message, below. Or use the top menu to explore on your own. Either way, we are glad you are here.

What We Do

At Seven11, our goal is to capture faith-inspired photos. This style allows God to lead us, through photography, to each message we write. We bind photos with the devotions they inspire to better activate the visual senses and create deeper meaning.

  • Faith Inspired Christian Bloggers promoting encouragement and learning.
  • Article contributors for Christian publications.
  • Christian Authors:
  • Church and Ministry fundraising events and book signings.

Seven11 Inspiration Photography -Our Story

Our Photography Background

Seven11 was founded by Jon Frederick, an award-winning storyteller who captures thought-provoking photos for international publishing and exhibition. His images vary in genres including wildlifelandscapesportraitsfine artstill life, abstract, architectural, commercial, lifestyle and street photography.

The Creation of Seven11

In 2020, Jon left freelance work and focused his passion on God. He began by sharing his experience through a free online photography course and mentoring beginning photographers. Shortly after, he created the concept of faith-inspired photography.

Jon and his wife, Kathleen, then took a leap of faith and started Seven11 to encourage others in their walk of faith.

Seven11 Today

Seven11 is dedicated to creating Christian Photography, based in the beautiful southern town of Newnan, Georgia. Their goal is to create image galleries and devotionals for enjoyment and Christian inspiration. All blogs are totally free including exhibit photos paired with Christian messages, a free photography online courseChristian memes, and regular blogs on topics for all photographers.

If you are interested in the mission of Seven11 and bringing Christian photography to the fine art community, please follow them on one of their social media outlets and subscribe to their blog. Seven11’s growth brings high quality, family friendly art back into galleries and into the public’s view.

Meet the Founders!

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