Be a miracle with a divine purpose

Be a miracle with a divine purpose. Can you imagine being used by God to create peace, happiness, and comfort?

Be a miracle with a divine purpose

be a miracle, forgotten, alone, cast out, in the dark
‘Forgotten’ Be a Miracle meaning

Have you ever seen someone suffering only to look away? We are all guilty of it; all but God. That person in the shadows, that we pretend isn’t there, is as special to God as you and I. Let God work a miracle in their life, through you. Miracles do not always involve the parting of seas and walking on water; you can be the miracle in someone’s life. And there is no greater privilege than to be used by God for his divine and perfect plan. It takes nothing more than following his will; be a miracle for someone and show them the meaning to Christianity.

Philippians 2:4 “Don’t look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too.”

Photographer Notes– Capturing ‘Forgotten’

The real story to this is that I did no more to help as the young ladies captured to the left. No one spoke to this man in the shadows, and he didn’t speak to anyone that walked by. He simply hung his head and tried to stay hidden. A thousand things run through my mind after the fact; but in the moment, we all just walked by and tried to look the other way.

I used heavy negative space in between the left and right subjects to show the divide between them. In addition, the subjects on the left are well lit and I was able to capture the subject on the right in heavy shadow. With that, we are able to make out features and details of the left of the image, but on the other side, the “unseen” subject is little more than a silhouette. That silhouette could be anyone, and I wanted to leave a hint of anonymity since we are all one or two bad decisions away from being in the same situation. I desaturated but left color instead of opting for monochrome to help with viewing details and contrasts but didn’t want it overly vibrant to keep a more emotional tone to the overall composition.

Photography and writing by Jon Frederick, Seven11

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