The Best Recommended Bible Verses on Faith and Trust

Sometimes we just need a list of great bible verses on faith and trust to remind us of God’s promises and goodness.

It is our faith, not our works, that grants us salvation. Therefore, we could safely assume that what God wants most is for us to put our complete faith and trust in Him. There is no shortage of passages relating to faith. Faith is not just believing in God, though. Even those cast out of Heaven believe in God and know His mighty power. Faith is about putting all your trust in God. Leaning on Him and following His purpose for your life. Faith is believing and committing to only Him without seeing Him. Although there are countless Bible verses on faith and trust, these are just a few that resonate with us. We hope that they resonate with you as well and you find comfort in God’s never-ending presence.

Need a Bible to research these verses on faith and trust? Try BibleGateway.com, our go to source for verse research and faith building! Also check out our Bible verses on Healing, Hope, Loss, and everyday emotions.

Encouraging Bible Verses and Pictures for Everyday Emotions

Too many sites today try to compete by flashing the highest number of Bible verses on a subject. “The best 2000 Bible verses to live by,” or “600 best Bible verses about life.” It is true that the Bible has a way of providing that one perfect verse at the perfect time that lifts our spirits and comforts us when hope is lost. But combing through hundreds of verses that are only closely related to a topic doesn’t provide much comfort. It is about finding the most encouraging Bible verses, sometimes even with motivational pictures, that can provide the clarity we need to look back toward God.

With all of that in mind, we tried to provide only the most direct and impactful verses for the subjects you are looking for. We are adding new emotions and topics as quickly as we can in hopes that these will bring comfort to someone in need; so please check back often. And save our site! When you are going through something and need to turn to the Bible, this is a great place to start. Upcoming verses are in our “coming soon” section, but if you have a need please contact us and we will do our best to make your request a priority. The only benefit we get is knowing we helped our fellow Christian bothers and sisters.

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