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New Christian Exodus: Discussing Faith with a Millennial Pagan

An explorative discussion with a once Christian Millennial, now turned to the Pagan faith. How to reach Millennials, what is driving to Christian Exodus, and more. Read more

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The Sexual Immorality Definition, A Taboo Topic for Christians

SEX! Now that I have your attention, what a powerful word, right? Just reading the word 'sex' can captivate instant attention. It can even produce a psychological and physiological response unique to each reader. And why not? It was designed to feel good, promote population growth, and create intimacy between a couple. But, it can also be used for manipulation, empowerment, and countless forms of sexual immorality. Today, the definition of sexual immorality is looser than ever, generally accepted as a contemporary way of life. Is the definition that unclear in the Bible that it is open to retranslation? Read more