Christian Inspirational Messages

Christian Inspirational Messages

Welcome to our Christian Inspirational Messages by Jon and Kathleen Frederick. Our goal is to pair fine art photography with faith inspired writing to bring Christian encouragement messages that inspire the soul. Although many of our Christian blogs are written with young adults in mind, all ages are welcome. We guarantee anyone is sure to take something away from each message! If you are desiring God and want more blogs about Him, you are in the right place.

Our goal at Seven11 is to create encouragement messages on the Christian faith by pulling inspiration from our conceptual photography. This means that we allow God to direct our path. We leave it up to Him to place the words on our heart through each image. The result is genuine, fine art photography that relates to each article. This engages more of our senses and immersing the reader in each message.

Below are all of our Christian devotions. Or check out topic specific pages on God’s love, Purpose, Spiritual Warfare, Family, Relationship, Faith, Christian Lifestyle, and Suffering.

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All our Christian Devotionals

The Second Amendment and the Bible: A Controversial Link

The Second Amendment in the Life of a Christian

As Americans, we are fortunate to have the right to bear arms enshrined in our Constitution’s Second Amendment. This fundamental right is a cornerstone of our nation’s identity and has been fiercely defended by gun…

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define grace in the bible, Christian arrogance, What is arrogance in the Bible? Christian pride, God favors and loves the humble

How do you define Grace in the Bible?

Define Grace in the Bible Biblically in Hebrew, Greek, English What is the true meaning of grace? How do you define it in the Bible using the Greek and Hebrew translations? Our series Defined is…

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Christian Inspirational Messages, encouragement messages, Christian blogs for young adults, desiring God, About God. how to lead a child to christ
Christian Inspirational Messages, encouragement messages, Christian blogs for young adults, desiring God, About God.

Christian Lifestyle Blog

At Seven11, we capture faith-inspired photos to allow God to lead us to each message we write. This process means that each message is full of art that activates our visual senses, creates deeper meaning, and binds a photo with the devotion it inspired. In addition to our own blogs, we are article writers with Crossmap, so check them out! And our latest Christian Photography and devotionals collection, Immersion, is now available for purchase. A great way to immerse yourself in faith inspired photography and words of truth and encouragement! Our profits go to the International Mission Board (IMB). So it’s a great way to learn and be inspired by Christian topics while helping spread Christianity around the world.

Define grace biblically my salvation story, Christian Husbands- What is the role of a Christian Husband?
Christian Inspirational Messages, encouragement messages, Christian blogs for young adults, desiring God, About God.

Photography Blog

Are you a photographer looking for a blog to help sharpen your skills and expand your talents to new horizons? Are you interested in photography but really don’t know where to start? We have you both covered! For the new photographer, we developed a completely free introductory course. This will take you from Lesson #1 Fields of Photography all the way through Lesson #10 Advanced Aperture!

Those more experienced photographers can check out our regularly updated photography articles. All totally free, our only goal is to provide a blog that supports Christian values and teaches others how to enjoy their photography for a lifetime.

understanding camera lenses- What camera lens do I need? Jon Frederick photographer
Christian Inspirational Messages, encouragement messages, Christian blogs for young adults, desiring God, About God.

Seven11 Inspiration Photography -Our Story

Our Start in Photography

Seven11 was founded by Jon Frederick, an award-winning storyteller who captures thought-provoking photos for international publishing. His captivating work has exhibited across six continents: varying photographic genres including wildlife, landscapes, portraits, fine art, still life, abstract, architectural, commercial, lifestyle and street photography. But he will tell you that none of it had a real purpose until he began with Seven11.

Refocusing on God

In 2020, Jon could no longer ignore the weight on his soul and decided to leave his freelance work to focus his talents on God. As a result, he began by sharing his knowledge and experience by offering free online courses on the essentials of photography for beginners. He mentored beginner photographers and instilled confidence that they could be great artists while staying true to their Christian values. Shortly after, he created the concept of faith-inspired photography.

As he began developing this new conceptual art form, Jon and his wife, Kathleen, took a leap of faith and started Seven11. The concept was to pull inspiration from their photography to author devotions, encouraging others in their walk of faith. They chose Seven11, which is when they joined their own lives to God through marriage on July 11, 2010. So, now joining their talents for God’s use, Seven11 was born. That’s when they became Christian writers with purposeful photography.

Seven11 Today

Seven11 is now dedicated to creating Christian Inspiration Photography, based in the beautiful southern town of Newnan, Georgia. Their goal is to create image galleries and devotionals for enjoyment and Christian inspiration. All blogs are totally free of charge including exhibit photography paired with Christian messages, a free photography online course, Christian memes, and regular blogs on topics for beginners and seasoned photographers, alike.

So, if you are interested in the mission of Seven11 and bringing Christian photography to the fine art community, please follow us on one of our social media outlets and subscribe to our blog. Our growth brings high quality, family friendly, wholesome art back into galleries and into the public’s view. Thank you so much for reading and we pray you find something encouraging from our site that you can share with others. We never regret putting a little extra joy, love, and faith in your life!

Faith-Inspired Photography

For an idea of what we are all about and what makes us stand out, click here!

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Christian Inspirational Messages, encouragement messages, Christian blogs for young adults, desiring God, About God.