Christian Mother: 10 important Traits of the Godly Mom

Christian Mother: 10 important Traits of the Godly Mom. Why do Christian mothers stand out from the crowd? Perhaps a higher purpose?

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Christian mother / motherhood

10 important Traits of the Godly Mom

The Christian Mother/Christian Motherhood

Motherhood.  We use that one word to express a woman’s willingness to push her body to the breaking point for the miracle of life.  She then fears for her child’s safety, development, happiness, and salvation for the rest of her life.  Why?  Why would any woman go through so much? She puts herself through the pain and suffering to give birth, then raise a child who will inevitably leave her? 

There are a thousand answers to that question. But to start, God gave women a hint of Godly wisdom and peace.  Mothers can see past the day-to-day struggles. Mothers can see the happiness and joy that will unfathomably outweigh the hardships and pain.  And because of that selfless thinking, women perform the greatest miracle of humanity. 


Conception alone is a common day miracle that we under appreciate and overestimate.  Scientists estimate that the statistical probability of any one individual being born is about 1 in 400 trillion.  Did you know that a baby’s cells migrate into the mother’s bloodstream and then circle back into the baby? 

Once a baby is born, some of those cells remain with the mother. They leave a permanent imprint of her baby, throughout her body, forever.  Researchers discovered cells of one mother’s child still in her brain after 19 years!  Even aborted and miscarried children leave these cells that help repair damage the mother may endure during pregnancy. 

Perfect design

A mother’s body and immunity are perfectly designed to protect her child. But the child she carried continues to protect her as well.  A part of a child stays with the mother forever. Maybe that is why they say you are forever changed once you become a mother.  Even if a mother has only experienced loss, she is still changed and still a mother.  So, children literally become part of their mother and share a closeness that is incomprehensible, miraculous, and unshakable.  Doesn’t that sound like a familiar relationship…. It is what God desires to have with us. This beautiful process gives a child the best fighting chance to feel loved, comforted and protected.   

So, influenced by 10 traits of a Christian Father, we developed and prayed for the 10 traits of the Christian Mother.  This list cannot be exhaustive because a mother’s love is so deep and complicated. However, these are basic traits that every Christian mother displays, in some degree. They lean on God to help provide the best home and environment for their child.

“Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her: “Many women have done excellently, but you surpass them all.” Proverbs 31:28-29
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Christian mother / motherhood


Christian mothers and wives know all too well the need for humility.  Mothers give up a part of themselves and take on a new identity as a mom.  Many times, you are no longer “Kathleen,” you are “JP’s Mom.”  She sacrifices so much of herself to provide every opportunity for her child to grow and prosper; often receiving self-contentment with the successes of her child. 

Just the process of pregnancy, poked and probed, giving up your modesty to ensure the healthy delivery of your child.  A humble mother knows that she has the built-in instincts for motherhood. But still must put her faith in God to put one foot in front of the other each morning.  She gives authority to the creator, and he provides her patience, comfort, peace, wisdom and endurance.

Christian mother / motherhood
Christian mother / motherhood

A Christian Mother has Compassion

A Christian mother’s compassion is second only to Christ himself.  Ever heard the term “Mom brain?”  Our society views this as the forgetfulness and spacy disposition that mothers go through; especially when their own body’s nutrients are drained to breast feed their child.  But the truth of “mom brain” is a beautiful example of the compassion a mother has for her child.  FMRI research has shown the difference in a mother’s brain compared to similar aged women without children. 

When a mother hears a baby’s cry, very different parts of her brain light up like fireworks that are responsible for quick movement and speech.  This is a caregiver response that enables mothers to quickly and compassionately respond to her child and provide comfort, soothing sounds and instinctively calm her child. 

Have you ever had a child screaming, while you were sleepless and when they fall asleep you want to just hold and rock them, enjoying the moment of their happiness?  That is a level of compassion only a mother will understand and a gift from God to enjoy that moment for as long as it will last.  The Christian mother is tired and weary, but when their child is leaving home for college, she will have no regrets of that sleepless night her child fell asleep in her arms.  In fact, she wishes she could hold them just one more time.

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Christian mother / motherhood

Hard work

The Christian mother understands what is required of her to successfully manage a household.  Some mothers work outside the home and a blessed few stay at home to care for her family.  But both know that their efforts are a reflection of God, and they are setting an example that her children and husband are looking to for inspiration.  More often than not, when something goes undone, it is a mother who steps up to the plate.  Everything from ensuring everyone is fed, to managing a clean home, even driving one child to soccer practice and the other to ballet; mothers have an unearthly drive.

Christian mother / motherhood
Christian mother / motherhood


The Christian mother has patience that she can only receive from constant prayer and reliance on God.  They understand that learning is a process and children need time to develop and make their mistakes while under the protective wings of their parents.  A mother is the only one brave enough to regularly pray for patience, a lesson that can often backfire as God expands your abilities through pushing your limits.  But the Christian mother knows that her patience leads to the success of her child and sacrifices her own sanity for the safety and wellbeing of her child.  For those very reasons, fathers often struggle with patience and fear God’s response to this prayer!

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Christian mother / motherhood


A Christian mother is the first to listen and the last to speak.  They are going to hear out their child and their thoughts before reacting. Their first actions are often those of empathy.  We all fall short in this field because, well, motherhood is very difficult.  But this is a trait you will experience, more often than not, as a mother led by Christ’s example.

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Christian mother / motherhood

Studies the Word

From the Christian mother’s patience, understanding and humility, she knows she does not have all the answers and is only made whole through the Word of God.  She reads and applies these principles to herself and her family.  A Christian mother knows that the Word of God is perfect and finite, and a family that studies and lives by the Word will always have the love and guidance that comes from God’s promises.  She uses this time a self-care because what better self-care is there than to be filled with the love of God.  When you have the word of God in your mind and heart, that is what will come out of you to your children, husband, friends, and anyone else.  So, fill your mind and heart with the words of Him and let that pour out to those around you.

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Christian mother / motherhood

Unconditional love

Unconditional love is the epitome of a Christian mother.  Our heavenly Father loves us unconditionally and a mother’s love is the closest thing we have to that on Earth.  Are we perfect? No, but we sure want to be perfect for our children.  Ever heard of “mom guilt”? It is REAL!  And it is usually even for things that don’t matter, but, because we want everything to be so perfect for our babies, we feel it in the depths of our souls.  We blame ourselves for their failures and setbacks whether it is true or not. 

Dads can look to God the Father as a Biblical example of unconditional love but will never experience the level of personal pain and anguish that it can bring when children fall short.  But even when everyone else has abandoned you, even sometimes a father, it is God and your mother alone that stand beside you through anything.  Fathers can definitely have an unearthly sense of unconditional love, but a mother’s love is divinely inspired and their faith in God only pushes that further into the heavenly spectrum.

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Christian mother / motherhood

Christian Mother has Unwavering faith

If a father can be seen as leaning on his unwavering faith, then a Christian mother is submerged.  A man may lead his home, but it is the faith of a mother that binds and ties it together.  I believe it is because her burden is too great, and she knows she cannot do it without God.  She witnesses God working in her life every day. 

The faith of a mother knows no equal here on Earth, and that is not to underestimate a father’s faith.  But a mother is reliant on God where fathers fail to differentiate efforts of God and themselves.  A Christian mother will never cease praying for her children, even when everyone else has given up.  Her unwavering faith in God’s promises to protect that child and bring him back to God will drive her to pray harder.  She will never give up on her children just like God will never give up on us. 

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Christian mother / motherhood

A Christian Mother has Wisdom

That same reliance on God with unwavering faith provides mental clarity, leaving room for God to fill with his divine wisdom.  I am not alleging that women are wiser than men (which still could be the case) but giving mental anguish and troubles to God puts the mother’s mind at peace.  This creates the perfect environment for receiving God’s gifts and hearing the advice of the Holy Spirit.  Faith brings wisdom, so next time an elderly Christian grandmother is speaking… Listen a little closer because that advice may be divinely inspired.

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Christian mother / motherhood


A Christian father will work until his fingers bleed for the security of his family and providing for their needs; however, mothers sacrifice their own health and wellbeing, willingly!  While pregnant and breast feeding, a mother’s body literally gives up its own nutrients to ensure the health and well-being of a child.  Mothers operate on no sleep and still rush to a child’s room to ensure he or she gets a full night’s sleep.  And it doesn’t stop with infancy or even with their own child. 

A Christian mother takes this a step further and looks to all children and families, getting personal satisfaction in ensuring those who are hungry get fed.  They are the first to volunteer and often the last to leave.  Mothers set the bar for everyone very high because of their naturally generous and giving nature.  Mothers have a servant heart towards their children.  They might not have it outside of motherhood, but Christian mothers serve their children with all their heart, mind, and strength… Sound familiar?  That is how we are called to serve the Lord God and we are to have a joyful heart while doing it.

It’s okay to stumble

We all fall short of the glory of God, and we all struggle with even the most embedded traits.  But take note, that as a mother, you are a special creation of God.  God realized that man could not be alone and created Eve.  He realizes that man needed companionship and support, then specifically and perfectly designed women to compensate for the shortcomings of man. 

We are equally called to the mission of God, and we equally share in the gift of salvation.  Both man and woman, father and mother are essential in God’s design for mankind.  The strain of parenthood requires faith in God and the use of every Christian trait we have in our arsenal, together, to love and encourage our children and each other; this is the calling of the Christian family.  Build your family on love, faith, and togetherness and God will not let you fail.

Psalm 127:3-5 "Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one's youth. Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them! He shall not be put to shame when he speaks with his enemies in the gate.
Proverbs 31:26 “She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue.”
Proverbs 31:27 “She looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.”

Photography and writing by Jon Frederick, Photographer for Seven11

Edited and Approved by Kathleen Frederick, Christian Mother

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