Looking at your life, would you be convicted Christian?

If you were on trial because Christianity was a crime, would there be enough evidence to convict you? Would you be a convicted Christian?

convicted christian, finding purpose, true christian, questioning your faith
convicted Christian, true Christian, questioning your faith

Looking at your life, would you be convicted Christian?

We aren’t discussing “convicted Christian” in the way you may think. I am posing a question. I hope it will allow us to look at our lives in a way that, at least as Americans, we probably have never had to look at it before. Countries around the world do not enjoy the religious liberties that we often take for granted in the United States. We are discussing what it means to be a true Christian. Would you begin questioning your faith? Read more to find out.

Churches are on every corner, a Bible is available on my smartphone. In Georgia it is almost rude not to tell someone “God bless you” when they sneeze. And that is a wonderful thing, I wish it was this way all around the world, but it’s not. Our comfort has changed our perspective on God. It is replacing His time with a wide array of entertainment, hobbies and social life.

So here is the question I pose. If you were in a country where being Christian is against the law and you were on trial for your “crimes,” would they have enough evidence to convict you? And if they could, would you be convicted as a felony Christian or just a minor misdemeanor?

The Body of Evidence- Let’s build a case…

Church membership

While looking into your church affiliation, would the court find that you were actively going to church? Are in involved in events, leading groups, serving on the board, giving, volunteering, etc. Would your tax records be filled with donations to missionaries, tithing, and giving to support the spread of Christianity?

If they interviewed members of your church would they know your name? Speak highly of you? Call you a Godly person? Would there be anyone to testify against you, or would the court not find any evidence?

church, convicted Christian, true Christian, questioning your faith
convicted Christian, true Christian, questioning your faith

Living a Godly Example

They pull in your family and friends as character witnesses. Could they testify that the one thing you are most is a follower of Jesus Christ? Would they say that you live your life trying to live a Christian example? That you take the opportunity to help others in need? Would one character witness describe you very differently than another witness? Or are you vocal about your faith with everyone who knows you?

immersion be a miracle, forgotten, alone, cast out, in the dark, convicted Christian, true Christian, questioning your faith
convicted Christian, true Christian, questioning your faith

Social Media

If they pulled up your social media accounts, would they instantly see posts of encouragement to others. Do you have comments to others letting them know that you are praying for them during a difficult time in their life? Have you proclaimed to the world that you are not ashamed to say you are a follower of Christ on your profile pages?

What would they find if they did a browser search? What about the latest YouTubes you have viewed? Would they find anything you might be ashamed or embarrassed of? Or would your browser instantly open to your church’s homepage, a Christian magazine, or a Christian news source like Crossmap?

convicted christian
convicted Christian, true Christian, questioning your faith


All this evidence is now out in the open and the final step is for you to take the stand. You walk past the armed guards and finally feel the weight of the steel that is cuffed around your hands and feet. They sit you on the stand next to the judge who will determine your fate; the prosecutor approaches you. He asks a simple question, a yes or no. Are you a Christian?

How will you answer? Will you think to yourself, “even Peter denied Christ out of fear for his life!” A simple no could at least spare your life, but a yes will most definitely seal your fate. Could you deny your Savior to spare your life?

God's light
convicted Christian, true Christian, questioning your faith

Verdict is in, are you a convicted Christian?

These are questions only you can answer and should only answer to yourself and to God in prayer. These are not requirements to be a Christian, but they are very persuading evidence that would be hard to deny your faith. For much of my young adulthood, I found it easy to proclaim my faith while also living my life in a way that I thought would make me happy. Christ’s name didn’t come up in conversation and I cannot say he defined who I was or what I did.

But then, my life changed. I saw God working in me and I found a greater purpose than myself. Ironically, through God I found true happiness. He consumes me and is now my primary influence on my decisions, my relationships, my actions and my thoughts. I call to him in trouble, and I praise him in success. He is my everything and you might as well convict me because without him, I am not free.

It is NOT too late…

I hope we never have to go through such an ordeal, but this is a reality for followers around the world. I could never judge someone for whatever they say out of fear, who knows what any of us would do in their shoes. So, I pray for them, but I also pray for us. Because if we are unwilling to take up our own Cross and speak the name of Jesus in public here in the U.S., we cannot compare ourselves to the Christians abroad who risk their lives just to own a Bible.

This is less to make us feel guilty and more of a call to proclaim Christ through our words and our actions. To stand up in a drastically changing world and be a single united voice of love, compassion, and humility. To show the world that through our actions, God deserves the glory and he is active in our lives even in the darkest times and will always see us through. I hope I would never even have to take the stand, I pray I would be convicted before court was ever in session. In the best way I can say it, I hope you leave this article ready to guarantee your conviction as well.

close up shot of a wooden figurine holding a flag
convicted Christian, true Christian, questioning your faith

Side note: God bless the Ukrainian followers of Christ, who while bombs and bullets are echoing overhead, they joined hands and praised God. Together. God’s love conquers all. These are convicted Christians!

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

Written by Jon and Kathleen Frederick: Convicted Christians

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