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About Kathleen Frederick, Creative Director

My name is Kathleen Frederick, creative director, Christian blogger, and published co-author of Immersion-An Inspirational Christian Photography Collection. Seven11 writes Christian & photography articles, publications, articles for Christian newsletters, arranges gallery exhibits, and runs a podcast. Since Jon is better at photography than talking to people, I make arrangements and think of new, create avenues to spread God’s Word. I love to create new contemporary concepts for articles! Behind the scenes, each article is heavily researched to ensure it aligns with Jesus’s teachings, not our own opinions. I edit each article so readers can know they are reading posts based on Biblical principles.

Personal Life

I grew up in “Rocket City” Huntsville, AL where I was blessed to have parents who taught me the value of faith, family and friendship. I knew from an early age that I needed Christ in my life. Although I faced stumbles along the way, my faith in God has gotten me through because I knew God had a purpose for me. Throughout life, my time revolved around church, sports, and friends. Even with a softball scholarship, I barely left home before I had to return to the town and family I love so much. That ended up being the blessing of my life because I met my soulmate, Jon.

Surprisingly, I left Huntsville and now live in Newnan, GA where God blessed me with two sons, JP and Charlie. I am a proud stay-at-home mom, soccer and baseball coach, Mothers of Pre-Schoolers (MOPS) Coordinator, and creative director & writer for Seven11.

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