What to do when you feel alone in the world

A four year old bows his head and takes a moment to appreciate God’s presence. Like a loving Father, God is always willing to join you, he is just waiting and hoping you will ask.

What to do when you feel alone in the world

feel alone in the world
‘Never Fish Alone’

The Psalms are an inspiration of human love for God through the art of writing. David found shelter in God’s presence, somewhere he would turn when everyone else turned against him. God is not limited by our Earthly senses, he has a way of comforting us without sight, or sound, taste, smell or touch. He is there, waiting for us to invite him. He respects our freewill and watches us patiently until we call to him. If we never want to be alone, then we involve him in everything we do, and he will never leave; always engulfing us in his divine presence. As David did, I am learning to see God as a haven in the storm as well as my fatherly fishing companion. Anytime I go to God in prayer, he is happy to join. I never feel alone in the world.

“O my people, trust in him at all times. Pour out your heart to him, for God is our refuge.” Psalm 62:8

Photographer Notes– Capturing ‘Never Fish Alone’

The family of a photographer are a bit cursed with always becoming models in my work. JP, my oldest son, has experienced this too many times and his young face has traveled around the world to be showcased in fine arts exhibitions. But “Never Fish Alone” is one of the rare works of mine that hangs on my wall. My son, during a day of fishing, bows his head. It was a beautiful moment to watch and a comfort that no matter what happens in life, as long as JP has God in his heart, he is never alone.

Monochrome was the only way to capture this tender moment on the bank of West Point Lake. This completely candid shot was captured with a low aperture to increase clarity in the surroundings along with the beautiful geometrics of the pole and line. Moments like these are only captured, they cannot be made. This is how I define photography.

Photography and writing by Jon Frederick

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