Finding peace is as easy as a walk alone with Jesus

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Finding peace is as easy as a walk alone with Jesus

Seeking Peace, finding peace
‘Finding Peace’ in Jesus and God

It is the tranquil moments alone that our minds can sort and process our thoughts and troubles. A never-ending cycle of trying to work through one problem after another. But God asks us to lay all our problems at his feet. All at once, and he will gift us peace. Trusting in him gives internal peace, and he only asks for a loving relationship in return. Only through Jesus do we find real peace; with him, we never walk alone. So, stop constantly seeking peace from somewhere within yourself and start finding peace by taking a walk with Jesus.

“Jesus replied: Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” Matthew 22:37

find happiness in God, not happy with your life
Finding Peace in Jesus and God

Photographer Notes– Capturing ‘Finding Peace’

This candid lifestyle shot reminded me of the times I just have get away, camera in hand, to help clear my head. It is also a reminder of how exponentially tranquil a walk can be when I am in God’s presence.

We used monochrome to remove distractions and focus on details, textures, shadows and patterns that may be lost with color. I used two large trees to help frame the subject and the leading lines of the path for depth and scale. Artistically, I hope this work portrays the uncomplicated beauty all around the subject. Representing the simple peace and clarity from a walk with God.

Photography and Writing by Jon Frederick with Seven11

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