What God Sees When He Looks Down on Humanity

What God Sees When He Looks Down on Humanity. Taking a moment to look at all of us through the eyes of our omnipotent creator.

What God Sees When He Looks Down on Humanity

Through God’s Eyes

Wouldn’t you love to see life through God’s eyes?  What do you think we would see? Does God focus his attention on just the good or just the bad?  Does Christ’s sacrifice change the way God sees His children who have accepted and put their trust in him?

The Truth and How!

Bottom line is, we can’t see the world through God’s eyes; at least not the way he can see it.  God sees the world and the things that happen in an infinite way. That is, he sees the tiniest building blocks of every atom, simultaneously. That is through all of existence to the furthest reaches of the infinite universe.  He can see the unseen. The thoughts and interactions of every creature.  Limitless vision is something we humans cannot contemplate. We have to have faith because our minds cannot even comprehend the vision of God. Heck, we can’t even count to infinity!

But there is a way to see, if we take our time, a single moment. Photography.  And that is what our goal is at Seven11 Photography.  Let’s take the picture above for a moment and get a fraction-of-a-glimpse of what life is like through God’s eyes.

Look Deep to See What God Sees

I captured this image last year during a “Market Day,” on the town square in Newnan, GA. You can see the band playing, children smiling, vendors selling, and a general beauty of this town’s historic vibrancy. This picture was captured at 1/125th of a second and it would take us 30 minutes of looking at every detail. Even then, we still wouldn’t scratch the surface of what God sees in that millisecond. Let’s dive in a little and I will show you what I mean.

Through Human Eyes:

If you looked at this image for 5 seconds, you probably saw girls dancing on a grassy courtyard. Maybe you even noticed a large oak tree trunk and the musicians underneath. If we stare for five minutes, we would probably scan the whole image. We would to see the musicians, all the smiles, the street, the cars; maybe even get lost in thought about a few of the individuals and wonder what they are thinking or doing.

If we were to take a 20 minute look, I am sure we could really start seeing this moment in a different light. Reading what is on each shirt, creating an idea of that individual’s personality. We might see some of the fun fashion statements. Did you notice the little girl in the top left corner with a blue mask? Her dad is about to use his finger to select something on his phone. How about the necklace on the bass fiddler’s neck? How long did it take you to realize there is a dog in the picture?

Through God’s Eyes:

Since we spent a few minutes trying to capture as much information as possible, what does God see? Since God’s vision is infinite, he can see the smallest building blocks of life that we don’t even know exist. He sees from every direction instead of the single angle I provided. And he knows the thoughts, history and future of each individual person. Because of his complexity, we will only consider what God sees from this single image.

All that info that we gathered in our 20 minutes of examining, God saw in the 1/125th of a second that it occurred. Were you able to count how many hairs are on each individual’s head? God did. In this 1/125th of a second, God saw that the mandolin player was nervous because it was his first time playing with this group. He also saw that the older gentleman playing the acoustic guitar is following the bass fiddler’s fingers to keep time; his foot was tired from tapping the beat so long.

God saw the frustration building in the driver of the red mustang in the background who later jumped the red light. In 1/125th of a second, God saw every freckle, every scar, every sin, and every good deed that went “unseen.” Most importantly, he sees each person who is saved and therefore, his own child. Have you ever taken a random picture of your children on your phone and to you, that image turned into your favorite picture? But of course it wasn’t going to hang on the wall at the Smithsonian, it was special because it was YOUR child.

Now look through God’s eyes and imagine that every person in this picture is seen as a complete treasure to him. Then maybe look at one person in particular and imagine that because they accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior, God doesn’t see their sins, but only sees them as his own beautiful child with more love in His eyes than we can ever fathom. God sees all that in that 1/125th of a second.

Our Vision

Our vision at Seven11 Photography is to capture moments and images like these and take a moment to kneel in awe of God’s greatness, then share that experience with you. The only things God will not see are the things he limits himself to see. Accepting Jesus Christ is not about streets of gold or crowns and jewels. It’s about a Heavenly Father who is so perfect that he cannot have a relationship with us because his perfection is too great to look upon the filth of our sinful human nature.

God is so desperate to have a relationship with you, that he sent Christ to Earth to die for our sins, to wash that layer of filth away. If we accept Christ, we are purified by the most divine blood to ever exist and, through Jesus, we can have a direct relationship with the Lord God. Jesus is the bridge, and through him, our Father comes running to love us unconditionally.


So next time you see a photograph from us, take an extra second and try to look at it through God’s eyes. If you see a message hidden inside the picture, please share in the comments or email us, we would love to hear it! Thank you for reading and sharing, it means the world to us and helps us grow in spreading the message of Jesus through Photography.

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Photography and writing by Jon Frederick, Photographer for Seven11

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