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Light Contains No Darkness- God the light of the world

God’s light outshines all darkness. We explore the benefit of Letting God’s light shine within you and through you.

Light Contains No Darkness- God the light of the world

God's light
God light of the world: In light there is no darkness, even a flame has no shadow Using Photography to explain Christianity

Light Contains No Darkness- God the light of the world

This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all. 1 John 1:5

In the beginning, there were only two things, God and nothingness. God was everything and the nothingness was vast darkness. God was light, hope, love, peace, beauty, splendor, grace, kindness, compassion and the darkness was cold, lonely, hopeless, and unlivable. But we know how the story goes. In the darkness God spoke and there was light across the vastness of the universe. Life immerged and humanity was born from the very breath of God. God’s light pushed out the darkness.

God the light of the world
Light Contains No Darkness- God the light of the world

And it stayed that way for a time, until man and woman sinned for the first time, then darkness filled our spiritual being. For humanity to truly love God, we must make a choice to love him; true love cannot be forced. When given the choice to love, the first man and woman chose sin and fell into darkness. And this is how man has lived for nearly our entire existence.  

Darkness is Absence of God

Darkness cannot survive in the presence of light; it cowers in the shadows and shield itself from God’s great glory. If you chose to live in darkness, you push God away since his glorious presence alone would vanquish the darkness from us. And there is no “dusk and dawn” for the soul, it is light, or it is darkness. So, choosing sin means not choosing God.

The Mosaic sacrifices would temporarily cleanse us, but humanity would fall right back into darkness. This required sacrifice after sacrifice, constantly taking the life of an innocent animal to pay the burden of our sins. God knew we were lost and hopeless. He wanted a personal relationship with us and to love us unconditionally, but humanity’s sins created walls between us and our creator.

God’s Light Walked the Earth

Then came Jesus, the savior of mankind. He was innocent but also divine. Once he fulfilled the prophesy our darkness died on that cross. The blood that he shed in his sacrifice was the eternal fountain, washing us clean of our darkness with our freewill intact. It was the only way that God could have a continuous relationship with us because we could still make the choice. If we choose Jesus, our sins can be washed away, over and over, through God’s mercy of salvation. God can now dwell in our hearts and as our relationship grows, the darkness is pushed out of our souls because now, God’s light dwells there. Even when we make bad choices and sin, we can turn to God for forgiveness and lean deeper into his light.

God the light of the world
God light of the world: Christ took the burden of our darkness. Our shadow was nailed to the Cross. But like the candle, Christ is light, in him there is no darkness.

Truth about Sin

There is no good deed that we can do to cleanse our sin. Only a perfect sacrifice can bury that darkness. But Christ left our sins on the cross because he would not remain buried. He conquered death and joined our Heavenly Father. Christ became the only path to God’s light. Although salvation isn’t about our deeds, true salvation is about giving up your sinful self and inviting God to shine in and through you. Where God’s light shines, there is no darkness; light doesn’t even have a shadow. Grow in God and when you are faced with the troubles of this world, you will look to him and see no darkness. One day you will leave this body of sin, and join our Heavenly Father, in his perfect and eternal light.

Photographer’s Notes

The Cross is a constant reminder of the sacrifice that was made for us so we may have a relationship with our Creator. Therefore, we used a spotlight on the Cross to create a dark shadow to capture this image. This was to symbolize Christ’s sacrifice to take the burden of our sins but leave that darkness with the Cross. However, Jesus is light. Therefore, we placed the candle on top. Why? Although the Cross has a shadow (darkness) the candle (light) does not. Because light contains no darkness.

The God head is only pure and perfect light, in them, there is no darkness. God gets no pleasure from pain or suffering, he is only good, just, merciful and pure. This is vital to remember as we go through this world. We are prone to blaming God for bad things happening. But that evil and pain is of this world, not of God. Either way, God will always find the good and shine his light on even the darkest of trials we face.

Written by Jon and Kathleen Frederick with Seven11

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