Immersion Devotional Book Series

‘Immersion’ Christian Devotional Book

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Christian Devotional Book, devotions for youth, families, new believers

Welcome to Immersion, a Christian Photography Series by Seven11 and the first Christian Devotional Book of our concept: “faith-inspired” Photography! This is the perfect Christian devotion for youth, family study, new believers, and those wanting to experience a more Immersive experience. Immersion, is now available for purchase as a hardback, paperback Bible study, or eBook format!

We created this Christian art series to immerse viewers in the themes of our faith and explore what it really means to be a follower of Christ. Each image was captured by Seven11, and each article written by us with a great deal of prayer, research and faith. This is our first exclusively Christian series, and we hope you find as much inspiration reading and viewing as we did to create it.

Attention Churches, Galleries, and Events

If you are interested in partnering with Seven11 to do a Christian Photography fund raiser for your organization, please contact us using the form below. A “Night at the Gallery” or a month long “Christian Art Hall” is a great way to draw attention to Christian art while also raising donations for your youth, music, and mission programs.

Check out our launch video below to begin your Immersion journey!

Christian Devotional Book, devotions for youth, families, new believers
Practice these things, immerse yourself in them, so that all may see your progress. 1 Timothy 4:15

Christian Devotional Book

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At Seven11, we capture faith-inspired photos to allow God to lead us to each message we write. This means that each message is full of art that activates your visual senses. This creates deeper meaning and binds the photo with the devotion it inspired. Our latest devotional collection, Immersion, is now available for purchase as a hardback or a paperback Bible study. This is a great way to immerse yourself in faith inspired photography and words of truth and encouragement! Our profits go to the International Mission Board (IMB). It’s a great way to learn and be inspired by Christian topics while helping spread Christianity around the world. Great study for families, small groups, or as a unique personal devotional.

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Are you a photographer looking for a blog to help sharpen your skills and expand your talents to new horizons? For the new photographer, we developed a completely free introductory course. This will take you from Lesson #1 Fields of Photography all the way through Lesson #10 Advanced Aperture!

Those more experienced photographers can check out our regularly updated photography articles. All totally free! Our goal is to provide a blog that supports values and teaches others how to enjoy photography for a lifetime.