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Translated Meaning of Salvation in the Bible, Yeshua

Whether you are translating the meaning of salvation in Greek or Hebrew, the answer is the same. Salvation in the Bible comes down to Jesus, Yeshua.

Whether you are translating the meaning of salvation in the bible from Greek or Hebrew, the answer is the same. Salvation in the Bible comes down to Jesus, Yeshua. Even in English, salvation takes on a religious context and is most associated with Christianity. But this is far from a simple word. Discover the truth and history of salvation and how it was used for thousands of years to predict the most significant event in human history.

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Meaning of Salvation in the Bible

“Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved.” Acts 4:12

Meaning of salvation in Hebrew

Did you know that the Hebrew word for salvation is mentioned in the Old Testament 78 times. This single word, resonated  deeply with modern day Christians, but before Christ walked the Earth, God promised salvation to mankind through prophecy.  The Hebrew transliteration for salvation is Yeshuah, or Yeshua. In English, we say Jesus. God Himself named the baby Jesus who was the savior of mankind.

The meaning of salvation from Hebrew means saved, savior, deliverance, rescue, victory, prosperity, help, and welfare. Jesus was named by God, before birth, to fulfill the prophecies of the Messiah. The word Yeshua had strong ties in both Hebrew and Aramaic which tied two distinct generations together; those before Christ and those that came after Christ.

Similarly, “Hosea” occurs 16 times in the KJV of the Bible and speaks of the deliverer we know as Joshua. Joshua delivered the Israelites to the promised land, honoring God’s first covenant with man. But Yeshua, or Jesus, is the cornerstone of our new and everlasting covenant of salvation.

Salvation in Greek

Two words are used in the New Testament that translate to salvation in English, “soteria and soterion.” Both Greek words are roughly translated to mean rescue, safety, deliver or save. These are separate in the New Testament from the name of Jesus. Greek translations write out Jesus’s name as “Iesous” (pronounced ee-ay-sooce) and is where the English name of Jesus was derived.

Salvation in English

Whether you call out the name of Jesus or Yeshua, you are speaking to the name that literally means salvation and deliverance. His name alone set him apart but His actions on Earth redefined man’s relationship with God. Finding salvation is about looking to the Savior, believing in what he accomplished on Earth, knowing he is the Son of the Living God, and placing your faith completely on Him.

There is no other path to salvation except through Yeshua, Jesus Christ. There is a higher likelihood of two random people choosing the exact same star in the sky from all the stars in the universe than for Jesus to fulfill half the prophecies that came before Him. God has a way of making the impossible possible. We are not deserving of salvation, it should be impossible. But Jesus made a way. Because Jesus is salvation. It is His grace and mercy that promise us a tomorrow.


Written by Jon Frederick, Photographer and Author for Seven11

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