How to be open to messages from God

Christian Photography for the Immersion Exhibition Series, “His Message” No. 6 of the series.

How to be open to messages from God

His Message: God is all around us, with his answers in view, we only need to open our eyes to see them
God’s Message- ‘His Message’

We are constantly receiving messages from God; we may just not be receptive to his ways. God’s message may be through your spirit, through other people, through works and especially through his Word. Open your Bible and see if he has a message for you. You will instantly know because your entire body will respond to his presence. This is why we build a relationship with God, so we are so acquainted with his presence, we know when he is answering. As your storms approach, open your heart and try looking up, his message may be right in front of you.

“Blessed be God! He has not turned away my prayer or turned his faithful love from me.” Psalm 66:20

find happiness in God, not happy with your life

Photographer Notes– Capturing ‘His Message’

I wanted to convey that many of us, myself included, expect to hear God’s voice ring in our ears while in prayer. We limit God so much, expecting him to communicate with us the way we want him to, when he could write it on a billboard, and we may not even notice.

I captured “His Message” in early morning light as a storm was approaching the town of Senoia, Georgia. The message sits high above the town, yet still goes unnoticed which made me think of all the times I have missed God speaking to me. For effect, I wanted to ensure the storm clouds were in the background and the front of the water tower was lit with the early morning light from the horizon. This was taken with a 300mm lens at f5.6.

Photography and writing by Jon Frederick, lead photography & writer, Seven11

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Jon Frederick, Lead photographer, seven11
Written by Jon Frederick, Lead Photography for Seven11

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