Faith, is knowing God leads us down paths of righteousness

Faith, is knowing God leads us down paths of righteousness

paths of righteousness
Lead me in ‘Paths of Righteousness’ meaning

Lead me in Paths of Righteousness, meaning?

Psalms 23:2-3 is considered one of the most beautiful verses in the Bible. In fact, it is the only verse in the Immersion series we left in the NKJ translation for its poetic nostalgia. But beyond the poetry and song, these two verses have enormous message for us today. We are becoming more and more reliant on our own understanding and abilities. With all advances in our technology, we can see more, learn more, do more; and with all that knowledge, we are more apt to lose faith in God and lean more on our own understanding.

Whether you believe in God or not, either way you cannot see the future; but God can. He guarantees to always lead us down paths of righteousness where our souls can find peace and comfort no matter what trials are in our path. Trying to trek our own path leads to stress, confusion, depression and disappointment. Why? Because we are hiking aimlessly without looking for the trail markers God has placed for us. So, let’s find the trailhead, follow God’s lead and walk along the still waters again.

He makes me to lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still waters. He restores my soul; He leads me in the paths of righteousness For His name’s sake. Psalms 23:2-3
paths of righteousness

Photographer’s Notes– Capturing ‘Paths of Righteousness’

I’ve been hiking for as long as I can remember, and it was always a point of my hike to get somewhere private and spend time with God. But this trailhead sign made me think reminisce about times I have followed God’s path and times I have tried to make my own trail. If I could take the 10 best things in my life, 10 out of 10 would be following God’s path for me. So, on a personal level, I needed this picture included in this series because faith in God’s direction is Immersion for me.

This image was captured in Newnan, GA at ISO 200, f/2.8, 1/125 sec at 70mm. We used a wide aperture to draw the attention to the sign and leave the viewer wondering about what is ahead on the trail, hidden by bokeh. Kind of like life, we don’t know what lies ahead. We can only trust that God placed us on a path of righteousness for his name’s sake.

Photography and Writing By: Jon Frederick

Jon Frederick, Lead photographer, seven11
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Jon Frederick

I am an internationally exhibited fine arts photographer, blog contributor, and published Christian author. Along with my wife, Kathleen, we are the founders of Seven11 Photography and co-authors of “Immersion: An Inspirational Christian Photography Collection”. “Immersion” is the first devotional of its kind to combine “faith-inspired” photography with individual messages of Christian encouragement, creating a more immersive study you can read, see, and spiritually feel. Our goal is to help fellow Christians deepen their relationship with God by creating studies that go beyond written words. If a picture says a thousand words, our unique approach reaches deep into your thoughts, memories, and emotions, through visual engagement, to deepen your study and actively strengthen your relationship with Jesus Christ.

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