Photography Blog for Beginners by Seven11

Photography Blog for Beginners by Seven11

Welcome to our Photography blogs for beginners by Jon Frederick, lead photographer for Seven11 and one of the best photography bloggers. We hope you find what you are looking for, but please feel free to reach out with questions or suggested topics using our contact form below!

Our goal with this free resource is to help you develop your photography skills and learn a hobby that will be rewarding for a lifetime. We also hope to instill in new photographers that you can create great work while still remaining true to your Christian values. So, jump in, learn and enjoy! If interested, you can also check out our most recent series, Immersion, currently pending publication!

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New to Photography? Try our free online Beginner Photography Course to get started! Your first lesson is only a click away! Or to really immerse yourself in Photography, we offer free virtual mentoring! Be able to chat directly with our lead photographer and get advice and ask questions for free!

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By Jon and Kathleen Frederick

Thanks for visiting Seven11 Inspiration Photography and Christian lifestyle bloggers. This is the best place to find Christian bloggers who discuss popular, contemporary topics for today’s Christian. Check out all that we offer, below!

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At Seven11, we capture faith-inspired photos to allow God to lead us to each message we write. This process means that each message is full of art that activates our visual senses, creates deeper meaning, and binds the photo with the devotion it inspired. In addition to our own blogs, we are article contributors with Crossmap, so check them out! And our latest Christian Photography and devotionals collection, Immersion, is now available for purchase as a hardback or a paperback Bible study. This is a great way to immerse yourself in faith inspired photography and words of truth and encouragement! Our profits go to the International Mission Board (IMB). So, it’s a great way to learn and be inspired by Christian topics while helping spread Christianity around the world. Great study for families, small groups, or as a unique personal devotional.

Photography Blog

Are you a photographer looking for a blog to help sharpen your skills and expand your talents to new horizons? Are you interested in photography but really don’t know where to start? We have you both covered! For the new photographer, we developed a completely free introductory course. This will take you from Lesson #1 Fields of Photography all the way through Lesson #10 Advanced Aperture!

Those more experienced photographers can check out our regularly updated photography articles. All totally free! Our only goal is to provide a blog that supports Christian values and teaches others how to enjoy their photography for a lifetime.

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