Wavering Faith- The up and down cycle of Christians

Wavering faith isn’t always a bad sign. Discover how God can turn our wavering into unwavering through the cycle of faith.

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For many of us, the cycles of our faith are like the waves of the ocean. Sometimes we are cresting in confidence and other times, we are crashing into the beach. We are fearful when these “waves of faith” begin. During the high points we are unsure if it will end. In the low points we are afraid we can never get back to God. There is purpose and meaning in wavering faith. And if you ride the wave long enough, through the ups and downs, you will eventually find a place of unwavering faith.

You are not Alone: The Cycle of Faith

In the early years of my faith, I found that my highs were filled with God’s presence so strong my entire body reacted.  But these times were short lived because my knowledge and dependency on God had not been well established. I was easily sidetracked and tempted off course to low points I couldn’t even fathom now. The good news is I always came back to Jesus. Eventually I would come out of that low point in my wavering faith and find the top of that crest again. I would ride the wave of faith again until a stronger source of temptation came along. Each time I came back to God, I never sank as low as the time before. My cycle of faith was slowly building me up, little by little, to put more trust in Him.

There is meaning to wavering faith, it can lead us to a place where our faith is unwavering over time. Our waves of faith are going to crash into the shore time and again, but getting back up and finding God is the solution to staying in this cycle of faith. Always searching for a closer relationship with our Creator and Savior. We all are going to crash into the shore, find ourselves in doubt and temptation. But it’s the faithful who dust themselves off and use their failure to grow closer to God who find fulfillment.

Soon, there came a point in my life where I just thought and prayed on my failures instead of letting them pull me under. My wave had leveled out and my faith became unwavering. God had picked me up so many times in the past that my stubborn mind now looked to Him when I fell; not the world around me. Temptation is still tempting, but I know my God and if I fall, I do not fall for long.

That’s a Wrap on Wavering Faith

It gets easier as long as you come to Him in your times of hardship. If you fall off the wagon, just know that when you come back to Jesus He is going to welcome you with open arms. If you embrace that relationship, your next fall won’t be as far and you will one day level out to understand that wavering faith has meaning. It leads you to failure where God can pick you up and make you whole again. You will know the feeling of having God and missing Him in your life. So ride the waves of faith but keep your eyes on Jesus. You are not alone and it is totally normal to lose sight. Take your problems to God in prayer and let him bring calm to your storms.

Jesus only asks that you be submerged once. After that, He will do anything to keep your head above water.

Written by Jon Frederick, Co-Author of Immersion: An Inspirational Christian Photography Devotional

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