What does God see in me and why does he love me?

What does God see in me? What is it like to look through God’s eyes? Explore the loving eyes of our heavenly Father. Read More…View post to subscribe to site newsletter.

What Does God See When He Looks at Me?

through God's eyes, What does God see in me
What does God See in me? ‘Market Day’

What do you see in this image? Now consider this photo through God’s eyes. He sees every person, every emotion, every inner thought down to the smallest molecule; every second of every day, from every angle. As if each moment of our lives in the past, present and future was a still picture. We will never understand the complexities of God’s omnipotent vision, but photography is the closest we can get to viewing the world through the eyes of God. So, we ask, what does God see in me? He sees everything. He sees the good and the bad. God sees the truth in your heart. He sees your potential and your purpose. And most importantly, if you have accepted Jesus, he sees his own child who he would move mountains to help.

“The eyes of the Lord are in every place, keeping watch on the evil and the good.” Proverbs 15:3

Photographer Notes– Capturing ‘Market Day’

The omnipotence of God is often hard to even fathom, and even more difficult to imitate. The goal was capturing as much life in motion as possible, filled with emotions, events, and detail. Therefore, we waited at a local market day for life to happen around us and capture it without disruption.

The original “Market Day” images were captured in color and monochrome. Both images create completely different effects. but the color was chosen for its heavy detail and focus on emotions, vibrancy and life. A narrow aperture was used to create a deep field of view, since God sees every individual, we couldn’t leave anyone out. See both copies below and enjoy comparing the differences of vibrant colors vs. contrasting monochrome.

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Photography and writing by Jon Frederick, Seven11

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